You Could Choose Parents For Your Child Through an Adoption Plan

An Adoption Plan – Yours to Control

Birth parents have control of their outcome. Let us help you find out how.

An adoption plan is when a birth mother (and father) makes the decision to provide parents for their child. Many women say they could not carry a baby for nine months and then “give them up”. That is not the case when a birth mother (and father) pursues an adoption plan. The birth mother has full control over the adoption process. You will not have to do this alone, we will help!

It's Important to Know:

  • A birth mother has full control over the adoption process. 
  • The birth plan is yours to control. You can choose the parents of your child, or you can change your mind & choose to parent yourself.
  • There are various types of adoption plans including:  open adoption, semi-open, & closed adoption. We can help you know the difference. You won't be alone in the process.

Things to Consider

  • Do you know the difference between open and closed adoption plans?
  • Birth mothers are not left alone in deciding whether to choose adoptive parents for her child or to parent herself. 
  • It's ok to change your mind and parent baby yourself.