You Can Help Save a Life

At Pregnancy Solutions, we have been fighting for the unborn along with each mother and father who come through our doors for the past 25 years. In that time, we have served over 16,000 women and saved almost 3,000 babies from abortion. We are the only pregnancy center in Summit county that has both a medical clinic and a medical mobile clinic. Our reach is extensive throughout Summit county as we offer hope and help from the moment a girl calls our phone number to the moment she holds her baby in her arms for the first time.

You may not be able to save all the unborn babies but what if you could save one?

Our mission operates through generous and amazing people like you. Both Planned Parenthood and Northeast Ohio Women’s center charge the women to come talk with them about their abortion. Our services are FREE because of YOU.

You can save a baby today because the phone will ring or the email will come through and on the other end will be a fearful women who is trapped in a decision between death and life of her baby.

  • Your gift provides a free ultrasound that will show a picture of her baby and help her see the heartbeat that testifies there is LIFE now inside of her womb.

  • Your gift provides a pre-abortion consultation which our staff will help her understand the risks associated with abortion while providing them emotional and spiritual support in their darkest time of need.

  • Your gift provides an invitation for a long-term relationship that will ensure she has access to parenting classes, mentoring programs for her and the father, connection to local programs that will support her pregnancy and target specific needs.

  • Your gift ensures our medical clinic on Manchester Road along with our medical mobile unit continues to operate and be available for clients in need five days a week.

Today take advantage of this and stand in the gap for a baby today. Use the secure form below to make your donation.


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