Pregnancy Solutions offers a wide range of free services to help you make an informed decision.

Our staff is here to help you get answers & find hope. We will take time to address your health history which is important to consider with any new pregnancy. In addition, we will confidentially discuss your pregnancy options, provide support, and listen to your questions/concerns.

We are a great place to start for anyone with a positive pregnancy test. All our services are free, and we offer them with kindness, understanding, and professionalism.

Please know, however, that our medical clinic & mobile clinic do not provide abortions or refer you to an abortion clinic. 

Free Pregnancy Testing

Receive accurate medical testing for confirmation of pregnancy.

If you think you may be pregnant, it's important to know for sure. Our medical grade urine pregnancy tests will detect pregnancy at the time of your missed period. Contact us today. We always try to have same day appointments. 

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Free Ultrasounds

Understand the status of your pregnancy through a free ultrasound.

We are able to perform an ultrasound to confirm the viability (health) of your pregnancy, gestational age, & confirm fetal heart rate. This service is no cost to you. 

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Free Options Consultation

Ask our caring staff your questions & concerns confidentially.

If you are unsure of what decision you will make regarding your pregnancy, we are able to help you understand all of your options. Our staff will listen to your concerns and answer your questions confidentially.

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Free Community Referrals

Get connected to community organizations helping with physical or emotional needs.

Did you know Akron has some of the greatest community agencies available? Some of these agencies specialize in caring for pregnant women. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the needs you face, let us help you connect with some of our area community partners. 

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